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 Waves of grief.

Picture yourself in the ocean. Sometimes the ocean is crystal clear, sometimes it’s choppy, sometimes there are tidal waves, and worse, sometimes there are rogue waves. These waves symbolize a normal part of the grief process.  
    Grief is not pretty, in fact, it is one of the most agonizing things we experience in life. One minute our ocean of grief is calm and then another minute we are hit with a huge tidal wave of grief. We feel like we are going crazy and losing our minds when in fact, we are experiencing the agony of grief. I tell my clients some days will be good and some bad. I also tell them some days you will have good minutes and bad minutes.
    Grief is like an unpredictable ocean. The key is walking straight through it. There are no shortcuts - it will manifest itself in some shape or form.  Being prepared for the waves of grief can help you handle the choppy waves, the tidal waves, the rouge waves and even the crystal clear waves. Knowing what to expect from the grief process can better help you handle the waves of grief.
1.) Expect grief to last longer than you expected. As I always say grief doesn’t go away it just gets different with time and with time we learn how to live with it.
2.) You won’t get over your grief, but you will learn how to create a life without your loved one in a way that honors them and yourself.
3.) You will laugh may take a long time but eventually you will slowly start to find joy even if it’s only the little things.
4.) You will be forever changed and see the world through different eyes.0577407001531326338.jpg5.) Grief doesn’t always make you stronger but it does make you different.
6.) Somedays you will feel like your truly going crazy when in fact it’s grief.
7. ) Grief is not pretty, but knowing that your waves of grief are normal may help you in your darkest moments.
8.) Humans are much more resilient than we ever realize.
9.) When your hit with a wave of grief know that it won’t last forever
10.) Consider talking to a grief counselor to help you understand and educate you about the grief process.

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