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Jillian Sokoloff M.A., MFT

Welcome to my site. Hope I can provide you what you came here to find. I am sure you are looking for a therapist that can give you relief from the problem[s] and or grief that are tormenting you and not going away. Perhaps I can do this. Please read on. I offer therapy and grief counseling in Cottage Grove and Eugene as well as sessions via telehealth (online).

 Therapy is a space just for you. Your therapist will listen to your thoughts, feelings, memories, and dreams; and won't interject with their own plans or needs. 

  Even though there are many different types of therapy, they all aim for the same result -- symptom relief. A symptom, simply put, is something about the client that is causing them distress. Some therapies focus on directly changing your thought process or a behavior. Others strive to go deeper, looking at what brought on this thought process or behavior in the first place. Either way, the hopeful result is for you to feel better, to lead a more authentic and satisfying life. 

Grief following the death of someone close is one of the most painful and stressful life events. It is experienced in many ways–emotionally, physically, spiritually–and everyone grieves differently. Shock, anger, sadness, guilt, and anxiety are common feelings during the grieving process, and they can be overwhelming. Occasionally there are no emotions, there is only numbness. Some people find it difficult to cope with their loss and believe they’ll never be happy again. 

One of the benefits of grief therapy is that this kind of counseling offers support at this challenging time. It is a form of therapy that helps the bereaved to explore and process distressing and confusing feelings. Unlike most relationships in your life, your therapist can listen objectively. They can help you look at different points of view without the pressure of judgment or emotion. 

Often, we are not aware of the feelings that are connected to our thoughts or actions. When we shut off these feelings, they may leak inadvertently into other parts of your life or "explode" unexpectedly. Reach out for your free 30 minute phone consultation today. 


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